The BIEA early years league (E-League) is a flagship platform designed to offer the best of British EYFS educational training, mindset and equipment to overseas practitioners. E-League is a yearly program and it is intended that organisations follow multiple cycles to allow their staff to continue to get the best training to teach in an international style.

British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) education is held up as a prime example of early years education around the world and as such BIEA’s E-league is there to make it easy for organisations to start their journey towards EYFS accreditation.

Serving organisations located in regions outside of the UK, which take the British international early education concept as a consensus. BIEA fully supports the development of its members. BIEA serves to export British education resources and provide E-member marketplace platform services (helping members to find the best British education resources). The objective is to bring the essence of British international early years education to parents and children and to nurture them with British early years education.

All E-league members can gain access to handpicked British educational resources, specially designed for EYFS environments. Organisations can pick anything including clothes, furniture, books and courses and curriculums from our E-member marketplace. We also reserve a slot for local education products that show the best of what that country has to offer. Interested schools may purchase items through participating organisations.

Any overseas nursery or kindergarten can apply to gain BIEA’s quality mark and as soon as they have been approved their journey can begin. E-League Continual Professional Development (CPD) EYFS accreditation takes place over a year. The organisation will also receive a visit from a UK EYFS expert to check on the progress that the organisation is making towards EYFS accreditation.